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Why ORCiDs for Researchers?

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  • Name disambiguation: your publications and data attached to your name.
  • You may change, but your ORCiD does not: it remains the same through name changes, job changes, and career changes.
  • ORCiD is a registry for your publications, funding information, collaborations, society memberships, and more.

  • ORCiD automatically updates to your publications record, going forward, via the publication’s DOI.
  • Use ORCiD to quickly add your research team’s publications to funding proposals.
  • ORCiDs are increasingly required by publishers when you submit your manuscript.
  • Need more? Here are 10 things you should know about ORCiDs


And then what?

Read more here: Six Things to Do Now that You’ve Got an ORCiD and What is ORCiD?

Check out the latest list of ORCiDs@PNNL. 

Stay tuned for upcoming brown-bag or Lync sessions to help you complete your ORCiD profile, including the very important Biography, Education and Employment sections and uploading publication data and funding history.

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