eBooks Search FAQ

Contact: Information Desk (509) 375-3268


What does eBooks search?

eBooks searches all online books and conference proceedings provided by PNNL Technical Library subscriptions. Open access and free eBooks are also searched.

What options do I have when I run my search?

If you know the title select the Starts with radio button, provide the first few words of the title in the Title box and click Go.  For a broader search, provide a few keywords in the Title box and select the Contains radio button and Go.  If you know the ISBN  provide it in the ISBN search box and click Go.

I would like to browse through all ebooks provided by a vendor. How do I do that?

In the initial search box leave the Title blank, click on the Contains radio button and click on the search chevron .  In the resulting Find e-Book window leave the Title blank, select the Contains radio button, select a Vendor using the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click Go.  A search of the ACM Digital Library will yield over five-thousand titles.

How do I search multiple vendors?

Use the Ctrl key on your keyboard to select and de-select multiple vendors in the Vendor list.

What if I cannot find what I'm looking for?

Ask your librarian for help!  Use the contact information provided under Ask a Librarian on the front page of the library’s website.

How do I find Annual Reviews?

If you know a specific title for an annual review, search for it in the eJournals tab on the library’s homepage. If you want to see all the annual reviews the library subscribes to, search for them on Primo, also located on the library’s homepage. Be sure to scroll down the list of results because all of the annual reviews may not be listed together in the Primo results list.