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"Debating Science in 140 Characters or Less" 
by Wetzel, BarbaraNo presence information
 5/21/2015 12:45 PM
Have you posted to a blog, FaceBook or Twitter about science, your research, retweeted a publication announcement, etc.? A Nature posting about a scientist who tweeted a critique of a PNAS article has prompted new discussion about the use of social media...
User Feedback Sought for Journal access via Mobile Device 
by Wetzel, BarbaraNo presence information
 5/13/2015 9:18 AM
Elsevier is seeking users from the research community who read or access journals on their mobile devices."Here’s your chance to work with a product development team at Elsevier to help prioritize improvements to the mobile apps behind 165 of our...
Emergency Access Initiative activated for Nepal Earthquake 
by Wetzel, BarbaraNo presence information
 4/26/2015 7:58 PM
The Emergency Access Initiative, a partnership of the National Library of Medicine, the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, and the Professional/Scholarly Publishing Division of the Association of American Publishers and other publishers, provides...
Earth Day Readings on Sustainability, Energy & Bioenergy 
by Wetzel, BarbaraNo presence information
 4/23/2015 10:44 AM
Check out three important reports focusing on bioenergy and a US energy issues. 1. The SCOPE Bioenergy & Sustainability Report is the collective effort of 137 researchers at 82 institutions in 24 countries that documents and analyzes impacts, benefits...
ACS Webinar: The Submission Process April 14 
by Wetzel, BarbaraNo presence information
 4/8/2015 10:50 AM
Part 4 of the ACS webinar series "Mastering the Art of Scientific Publication: The Submission Process" will be April 14 at 8:00am. ACS also offers a 10-part video series "Publishing your Research" especially for early-career authors....
Friday fun: Pi Day favorites by State 
by Wetzel, BarbaraNo presence information
 3/13/2015 8:37 AM
Check out this map to see how people answered "What kind of Pie do you think is the best to serve on Pi Day?" The results are not too surprising (apple reigns), but it's fun to see regional differences. And be sure to celebrate Pi day with the...
"Predatory Publishers" and Open Access 
by Wetzel, BarbaraNo presence information
 3/9/2015 1:46 PM
A new article Beyond Beall's List: Better understanding predatory publishers provides a good overview of Open Access (OA) journals vs. "predatory publishers" and more traditional publishing practices. Beall's List is just one source of information...
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