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Ahead of the curve: embracing preprints (Genome Biology) 
by Wetzel, BarbaraNo presence information
 12/14/2016 11:35 AM
"... From today, researchers who post to bioRxiv will be able to submit their papers directly to Genome Biology, avoiding two separate submission processes and making the lives of authors that little bit easier. This will be a trial initially,...
"Predatory" conferences too! 
by Wetzel, BarbaraNo presence information
 12/5/2016 8:08 AM
If you're getting a lot of invitations to speak at conferences or symposia that you've never heard of, check out this recent article "Dubious conferences put the ‘pose’ in ‘symposium’ (Science magazine, Careers, 11/23/2016) for one person's experience,...
2 more publishers require ORCiDs 
by Wetzel, BarbaraNo presence information
 12/1/2016 10:48 AM
Joining ACS, the Royal Society of Chemistry and Wiley will be requiring ORCiD IDs on manuscript submissions. "ORCID can and will make a huge difference to our authors’ ability to gain full credit for their work. A unified system that integrates...
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 SciVal: Discovering Collaborations


Networking at meetings and talking with colleagues are great ways to find collaborators. However, have you considered what journal articles can show you about collaborations? For example, the first graph presents the top collaborations for the past 5 years of PNNL co-authored publications in the field of atmospheric sciences.

The second image presents the number of publications in the field of atmospheric sciences at academic institutions where potential collaborations may exist. The next step would be to analyze these papers to identify the direction of the organization's research.

This information was captured using the Collaboration feature in SciVal. This feature allows you to discover past collaborations that have shown success, as well as dig deeper and see collaborations you may want to investigate.

Take advantage of the Technical Library's expertise with SciVal to maximize its value to your collaboration startegy.

What would you like to see analyzed? Submit a suggestion.

See other PNNL publications benchmarking and performance productivity tiles here.

Find out more about other publication metrics tools on our Bibliometrics page. For help using these products, contact the Technical Library Information Desk (509) 375-3268