What type of library research service(s) did you request?

Citation Report

If you answered Other above, please briefly describe the library research service(s)/product(s) you received:


How did this/these service(s) measure against your expectations?

  Below Expectations Met Expectations Exceeded Expectations 
Improve quality of research 
Provide new information 
Timeliness of receiving the product 

If this/these service(s) met or exceeded your expectations, briefly describe the value added.

Mary Frances Lembo is my go-to person for all citation reports.  Her father was ill and she was out of town.  She responded to my request asking if it was urgent so she could hand it off or address as time permitted.  Despite her personal situation she completed the task in what I would consider to be reasonable time (for someone who is on-site and doing their job as normal).  Considering she was out, this was crazy quick responsiveness.  It's part of the reason she is my go-to person.

Estimated number of hours saved by using this/these service(s) for this project.

countless - I can't do it.

Estimated project budget dollars saved by using this/these service(s).

no idea

Would you recommend this/these service(s) to a colleague?


Additional comments about library research services?

love the ease of getting the job done and done right!

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