What type of library research service(s) did you request?

Literature Search

If you answered Other above, please briefly describe the library research service(s)/product(s) you received:


How did this/these service(s) measure against your expectations?

  Below Expectations Met Expectations Exceeded Expectations 
Improve quality of research 
Provide new information 
Timeliness of receiving the product 

If this/these service(s) met or exceeded your expectations, briefly describe the value added.

This was first time I used the library for a formal literature review.  I expected to receive a list of references.  Instead, after providing a 5-10 minute description and a few examples of what I was attempting to accomplish, I received an amazing catalogue of references, pre-sorted into very useful categories.  I also received an effective tutorial on the use Endnotes, and a number of useful suggestions on how to proceed with my project. 

Estimated number of hours saved by using this/these service(s) for this project.


Estimated project budget dollars saved by using this/these service(s).

$1501 - $3,000

Would you recommend this/these service(s) to a colleague?


Additional comments about library research services?

Justin is outstanding at what he does.....it was a pleasure working with him, and will continue to do so in the future!

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