What type of library research service(s) did you request?

Literature Search

If you answered Other above, please briefly describe the library research service(s)/product(s) you received:


How did this/these service(s) measure against your expectations?

  Below Expectations Met Expectations Exceeded Expectations 
Improve quality of research 
Provide new information 
Timeliness of receiving the product 

If this/these service(s) met or exceeded your expectations, briefly describe the value added.

I was able to quickly get the documents I requested and then also get them re-scanned at a higher quality to assess the images.  Having the information (especially in higher quality images than is typically available) allowed me to draw the conclusions I needed to move forward with my work.  It may also give me a competitive edge over others that didn't have access to the higher quality scan documents.

Estimated number of hours saved by using this/these service(s) for this project.


Estimated project budget dollars saved by using this/these service(s).

$301 - $750

Would you recommend this/these service(s) to a colleague?


Additional comments about library research services?

I think it is an essential service that is likely not utilized by staff as much as it should be.

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