What type of library research service(s) did you request?

Citation Checking

If you answered Other above, please briefly describe the library research service(s)/product(s) you received:

Citation checking and reformatting the report's Reference section per Chicago Manual of Style guidelines.

How did this/these service(s) measure against your expectations?

  Below Expectations Met Expectations Exceeded Expectations 
Improve quality of research 
Provide new information 
Timeliness of receiving the product 

If this/these service(s) met or exceeded your expectations, briefly describe the value added.

Found additional facts for some of the references that were missing. Great job!

Estimated number of hours saved by using this/these service(s) for this project.


Estimated project budget dollars saved by using this/these service(s).

$150 - $300

Would you recommend this/these service(s) to a colleague?


Additional comments about library research services?

I'm a Tech Editor. I had to "sell" the researcher the idea of hiring a Librarian to do this work. Deadlines and budgets are very tight on many projects, but this time I was lucky that the project allowed me to subcontract out this portion of the work. It worked out very well! Thank you.

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