Welcome to the Smart Grid System Report (SGSR) SharePoint Site

Welcome to the Smart Grid System Report (SGSR) stakeholder webinar series homepage. The SGSR, which is required under Section 1302 of Title XIII of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, is completed biennially by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and is designed to provide the current status of smart grid deployment, the prospects for its future, and the obstacles to progress.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) organizes the biannual SGSR stakeholder webinar series to bring together a diverse gathering of participants – government, industry, academia, research institutions – to solicit insights, ideas, and updates on the rapidly evolving smart grid sector. Webinars cover the following topics as they relate to the smart grid: policy, distributed energy resource technology, delivery (transmission and distribution) infrastructure, and information networks. Registration for the 2012 SGSR webinars is closed, but webinar materials are available on this site. 


Smart Grid Webinars General Topics When


New ideas for enhancing distributed resource interconnection policies

Latest developments in regulatory recovery policies for smart grid investments

  • Regulatory Recovery for Smart Grid Investments
  • Standard Distributed Resource Connection Policies
2012 Session Closed

Distributed Energy Resource Technology

Challenges in making a business case for microgrids

Trends in distributed generation deployment

How to measure the effectiveness and penetration of demand-side equipment

  • Load Served by Microgrids
  • Grid-connected Distributed Generation and Storage
  • Grid-responsive Non-generating Demand-side Equipment
2012 Session Closed

Delivery (Transmission and Distribution) Technology

Experience in T&D automation and investment in these systems

The benefits of dynamic line ratings

Customer satisfaction with power quality

  • Transmission and Distribution Reliability
  • Transmission and Distribution Automation
  • Capacity Factors
  • Dynamic Line Ratings
  • Customer Complaints Regarding Power Quality Issues
2012 Session Closed

Information Networks

The extent of institutionalized sharing of synchrophasor data among utilities, balancing authorities, and regional coordinators

Cyber security challenges in a smart grid environment

  • Real-time System Operations Data Sharing
  • Cyber Security
  • Open Architecture/Standards
2012 Session Closed