Primo Top Ten Tips

Contact: Information Desk (509) 375-3268

1. No need to visit multiple websites when researching a topic. Primo allows you to search for hundreds of thousands of journals/articles, books, databases, reports, and more from the single search box on the Technical Library's website.

2. Streamlined interlibrary loan. From the Primo search results page, use the embedded ILL Request Form to request an item the Library does not have.

3. Sign-in to be recognized. Simply click "Sign-in" located in the upper right corner of the Primo home page to be automatically recognized as an authenticated user and to take advantage of customized features.

4. Target search results with facets. Fine tune your search using the facets located on the left side of the Primo search results page.

5. Easy-to-identify search results. Icons next to each search result indicate if it’s an article, book, journal, or other resource.

6. Save and manage your work in e-Shelf.  Use e-Shelf to manage your citations’ list, save queries, and set up alerts. Remember to click ‘Sign-in,’ located in the upper right corner of the Primo home page, to activate this feature.

7. Discover articles you may not have found otherwise. Article citations with a ‘Recommendations’ link, point to additional articles in which users who selected this article were also interested. This can be especially useful for multi-disciplinary research.

8. Discover what’s hot in your subject and beyond.  Each month, stay abreast of trends and hot topics by accessing the bX (usage-based) Hot Articles located at the top of the search results page. Hot Articles lists the 10 most highly selected articles by peers in your discipline and others.

9. Discover how many times an article has been cited and access the full-text of citing articles.  The ‘Times Cited’ link under some article citations provides the number of times a selected article has been cited and connects you to full-text citing articles via Web of Science or Scopus. 

10. ‘Send citations to’ options are numerous.  From the ‘Details’ link under all article citations, opt to send favorite citations to EndNote or Delicious, add them to your e-Shelf, email them to a colleague, and more.